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Anyone who visits the dentist will likely require a dental x-ray at some point. Dental x-rays are conducted on patients of all ages to detect issues that may impossible to see with the naked eye. There are many types of x-rays, ranging from those that capture one tooth, to the whole mouth, to create either a two- or three-dimensional image.

Although dentists have adamantly informed people of the diagnostic benefits of x-rays, it is still important to understand exactly how and why they are safe and necessary. Below is a list of why x-rays are essential to maintaining overall oral health and what makes them safe.

What Exactly Does An X-Ray Do?

Dental x-rays direct a beam of extremely low dose radiation through the area of interest and onto a film or sensor. Areas that are more dense, for example, teeth, show up lighter on the film in comparison to bone and tissues. The radiation that goes through your body passes through the skin instantly and the x-rays taken at a routine dental exam are comparable to the amount of radiation that you receive in a one to two-hour airplane flight. 

What Can An X-Ray Detect? 

X-rays have the ability to detect issues that are normally undetectable to the naked eye. They are used to diagnose: 

● Tooth decay 

● Periodontal disease and signs of bone loss 

● Location and position of wisdom teeth 

● Tumours or cysts or fractures of the jaw bone 

Are X-Rays Safe for Children? 

Although children are more sensitive to radiation, the low dosage from an x-ray is still considered extremely safe for them. Parents should stay on top of their children’s oral health as it is changing rapidly. Talk to your family dentist about the lowest dosage for your child’s next routine x-rays. 

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