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Has your baby been crying, cranky and biting on their toys more than usual? Your baby may have reached their very first milestone! Teething occurs right around the first 3 months to a year of their life before their first tooth even develops. As exciting a time as this is, it can also be quite a stressful and worrying one for parents. Watching your little tot struggle in discomfort can leave you feeling helpless on how to help them.

Fortunately, you’re not alone in this and Upper Fort Dental is here to help! Read on to discover our six tips to help soothe your baby through this pesky teething process.

Rub Their Gums Gently

Give your hands a good wash before you proceed, then use one finger to rub their gums gently. The slight pressure you’re applying to the gum area can help relieve their discomfort.

Use A Cold Washcloth

Take a clean, textured washcloth and place it in the freezer for a short period of time. A ribbed washcloth is especially effective because the ribbing helps to create friction when the baby bites on it. The coolness of the washcloth will alleviate some of the teething pain and soothe your baby.

Put Their Pacifier In The Fridge

The pacifier is most baby’s favorite item! They’ll appreciate it, even more, when it’s nice and cool on their gums. Refrigerate their pacifier and when it’s chilled, place it in their mouths.

Give Milk Popsicles A Try

When babies refuse to eat, they’ll usually still accept milk. Use this to your advantage by filling BPA-free popsicle moulds with your breast milk or formula milk. Freezing the moulds and then giving them to the baby is a fun, creative way to ease the pain of teething. When the milk popsicle begins to melt, place a bib on the baby and a covering over the area so they can enjoy their treat without the mess.

Let Them Gnaw on Hard Foods

If your baby is able to eat hard foods, give them peeled frozen apple chunks or cucumbers to gnaw on. Cut the cucumber or apple and place it in the freezer for about an hour before giving it to your baby. Make sure you watch the infant at all times while they have food in their mouths to avoid choking.

Dry Their Face 

The aching, crankiness and irritation may not be wiped away with a dry cloth, but a dry face can prevent other teething symptoms. Drooling is a common symptom of teething and happens consistently. Keeping your baby’s face dry and drool-free helps prevent skin irritations, such as rashes, which can cause the infant even more discomfort.

Babies and children under five require special dental care only a pediatric dentist can provide. At Upper Fort Dental, Dr. Carly offers pediatric dentistry in Winnipeg to all children under five to ensure their little teeth and gums are cared for. Schedule their first FREE dental check-up at our family dentist at!