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Smoking has a lot of negative effects on your health and that includes your oral health too. Bad breath, tooth loss, stained teeth and gum disease are all effects of smoking and the list does not stop there. Loss of taste and smell, increased build-up of plaque, reduced blood supply to the mouth and an increased risk of oral cancer are also effects caused by smoking. These are very serious side effects that can impact the quality of your life significantly.

If you smoke, you need to visit a dentist regularly, so they can check your cheeks, tongue and soft tissues in addition to checking your teeth. Smoking will cause you to be more prone to bacteria and diseases; visiting your dentist as often as they recommend is very important. This way, your dentist can spot changes right away and monitor your mouth to help as best they can.

No Tobacco is “Safe”

Smoking tobacco results in a lack of oxygen in your bloodstream, which makes it almost impossible for infected gums to heal. It also causes gum disease to form faster, which is the most common cause of tooth loss amongst adults. Stained teeth are a guarantee if you’re a smoker because the tar and nicotine in cigarettes cause stains to occur. Smokers will see that their teeth turn yellow very quickly and so long as you’re smoking the condition of your teeth will continue to get worse. Additionally, cancer of the mouth, tongue, lips and throat is much more likely to develop if you are a smoker. In fact, smokers are six times more likely to develop these cancers compared to non-smokers. 

Be A Quitter

There are several benefits to quitting smoking, the obvious one being much better health. When it comes to your mouth you will notice that your breath will smell better, you will stop adding stains to the existing ones that are already on your teeth and your sense of smell and taste will improve quite a bit. You will also be able to breathe better and the overall health of both your body and mouth will improve tremendously.

There are zero health benefits when it comes to smoking. If you used to be a smoker and want to work on improving your oral health, Upper Fort Dental in Winnipeg can help. If you’re looking for a family dentist located in the downtown area, then Upper Fort Dental is the dental office you need to visit because they will help restore the health of your mouth and improve your teeth.