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Dental emergencies can happen at any time, and both pain and discomfort may follow, so it is advised to seek help right away. The severity of dental emergencies will vary based on the situation, but there are things you can do to reduce your pain and avoid serious damage, and the following guide will help:

Knocked-out Tooth

This is an obvious emergency, and the first step is to find your tooth! Pick it up carefully and try not to touch the root, handle only by the chewing surface. Rinse off any dirt and contact your dentist right away to schedule an emergency appointment. If the tooth is an adult tooth, immediately put the tooth back into the socket, if possible. If you are unable to put the tooth back into the socket, either place the tooth back in the mouth next to the cheek or in a small container of milk, so that the root remains moist.

Swollen Face

An infection in your mouth can lead to a swollen face, and this is true regardless of whether the infection is in your tooth, gums or jawbone. If your face appears swollen, schedule a dental appointment right away because the situation can be urgent, and your dentist will treat the problem immediately. Depending on the severity of the infection, you may need antibiotics prior to treatment.

Bleeding Mouth

An injury to your mouth can lead to bleeding, so if this is the case, you need to schedule an appointment with your dental clinic right away. If the cause of bleeding is not related to a mouth injury, you must contact a dental office to discuss the situation as it can be minor or severe, and the clinic will set up an appointment based on this information.

Broken, Cracked or Chipped Teeth

Broken, cracked, or chipped teeth may not cause pain or discomfort initially, but it is important to have the situation assessed as soon as possible. If the situation is minor, a simple polishing procedure will do the job, but if the situation is more serious, you may require a filling, crown, or root canal. Tooth sensitivity is normal when you damage a tooth, so it’s best to avoid cold and hot drinks and chewing directly on that tooth until you are seen by your dentist.

Gum or Tooth Abscess

A gum abscess can be the result of a sharp piece of food getting lodged into your gums and becoming infected, whereas a tooth abscess occurs around the roots of the tooth in the bone. In either case, you need to schedule an appointment right away because the abscess will have to be drained or treated. The longer you wait, the worse the pain can become, and you will be at risk of a serious infection, so this problem needs to be addressed promptly. You can also experience facial swelling and other complications, so you need to schedule an appointment before the infection makes its way into your bloodstream.

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