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Dental sealants are an effective treatment option for children because they help to reduce the risk of tooth decay. These sealants are a hard plastic coating that is applied to the pits and grooves of teeth. By sealing these surfaces, it helps to reduce the risk of plaque and food debris accumulating in these areas of the tooth and causing tooth decay. 

Sealants are a relatively easy procedure because the tooth is not drilled, so freezing is not required! It is important to maintain good oral hygiene habits even with sealants, ensuring to brush all the surfaces of each tooth in the mouth. Dental sealants are plastic, but they can still break or fall out if you don’t care for them properly, so be sure to use a soft-bristled toothbrush and brush as you normally would. Sealants will help protect your teeth from cavities, but gum disease is still a possibility if you do not clean properly at the gum line. 

Sealants will not interfere with chewing and will feel like your natural teeth only somewhat smoother! You won’t have to change your diet drastically, but there are certain types of foods that should be avoided because hard, chewy and sticky foods can cause your sealants to chip, break, or even fall out. Hard foods such as ice and certain types of candy can break your sealants, so don’t bite or chew on these types of foods. Fruit snacks, gummy candy, toffee and caramel are equally as concerning because they can stick to the sealant and pull them off the tooth, so it’s best to avoid these foods altogether. Eliminating these foods from your diet will allow your sealants to last as long as possible and to protect your teeth properly. 

In general, it’s better to limit sugary foods and to schedule regular visits with your dentist because this will allow you and your family members to maintain a healthy lifestyle and beautiful smiles. 

If you ever notice a problem with your child’s sealants, let your dentist know so that they can inspect them. They will check for any chipping or weakening, and if they spot a problem, repairs can be made. Depending on the situation, a total replacement may be necessary, so this is something your dentist will discuss based on the situation. 

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