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Foods have the power to completely transform the way your body and mind works, either negatively or positively. One of the first, very obvious signs of food’s impact on an individual is their teeth. What you eat matters for your teeth, not just aesthetically in whether they’re white and bright, but their structure and health as well.

Prevent oral health issues from developing and yellowing teeth by cutting out the four following foods as much as you can!

1. Sour Candies

As much as these sweet treats make for the perfect late-night snack, they aren’t so kind to your teeth. Sour candies contain different amounts and types of acids that can be much tougher on tooth enamel. In addition, sour candies are chewy and sticky, which means they can stick to your teeth and even your gums for an extended period if you do not brush or remove them. When this happens, plaque is left to build upon your teeth and eventually leads to tooth decay or cavities.

2. Bread and Starchy Foods

Bread may be an everyday food for you, however, it does make the list of foods to avoid to maintain healthy teeth. The saliva in your mouth breaks down the bread when you chew it and it becomes sugar. The bread becomes broken down and can very easily stick to your teeth, the roof of your mouth and gums and in between your teeth. If the food is not properly removed, plaque can develop and cause cavities. If you want to keep bread in your diet, opt for less-refined bread choices such as whole wheat bread, as their sugars aren’t broken down as easily.

3. Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits such as oranges and lemons, whether solid or as a juice, are filled with acidic content that can be harmful to tooth enamel. Although packed high in vitamin C, the citrus fruits can corrode tooth enamel and make your teeth and gum vulnerable to decay. This is even the case if you have citrus fruits into a glass of water. If you want your dose of healthy vitamin C, ensure you always rinse your mouth off with water after you have citrus.

4. Alcohol

Although a beverage, alcohol still counts as highly impactful on oral health. Drinking alcohol, especially excessively, can lead to dry mouth. The lack of saliva in your mouth makes it highly susceptible to developing tooth decay as food and bacteria will have a much more difficult time being washed away. When you consume alcohol, try to limit it to a drink or two and ensure you’re rinsing it off with plenty of water to keep your saliva flowing.

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