Teeth Whitening

Whether its for an upcoming event or if youve enjoyed a few too many cups of coffee, having stained teeth can affect your smile confidence. Upper Fort Dental Winnipeg can help you achieve the bright, white smile that you want and love.

Our teeth naturally darken with age and accumulate surface stains from tobacco use and certain foods and drinks, such as coffee, red wine and tea. These stains can be stubborn and remain even with routine brushing. Thats why we offer teeth whitening as part of our cosmetic dentistry services.

What Are My Teeth Whitening Options?

When you visit our clinic, Dr. Carly will discuss your cosmetic goals with you and help determine your best teeth whitening option.

Our clinic offers two types of teeth whitening procedures that are equally effective and safe:

In-Office: Using a professional-grade teeth-whitening gel, we can lift surface stains caused by food or tobacco in one visit. Your teeth can be multiple shades brighter in just 60 minutes!

At-home: We provide a personalized tray filled with a special whitening gel for a short-term daily treatment at home. You can wear the trays for 30 minutes a day until you achieve your desired results.

Stained, yellow teeth can make a perfectly healthy smile look lacklustre. If youre looking for a teeth whitening solution in downtown Winnipeg, call our dental office and regain confidence in your smile!