Upper Fort dental will take care of you and your smile. We are a full service dental practice providing family, restorative and cosmetic dentistry.

Family Dentist Winnipeg

Preventative Hygiene

Inflammation, or bleeding is a sign of gingivitis or gum disease. Plaque build-up on teeth can lead to hardened tartar which requires professional removal. If ignored, this hardened build-up around the teeth can lead to bone loss and eventual tooth loss! We must first evaluate the gums to see how advanced the gum disease is, after which we will formulate a gum therapy and maintenance schedule that is specific to your particular needs.

Family Dentist Winnipeg

Pediatric Dentistry

Dr. Carly loves seeing children! All children under age five will receive a free first dental check-up.

Family Dentist Winnipeg

Root Canal Treatment

An infected tooth can be unbearable. A root canal allows us to salvage the tooth by cleaning out the inside of the roots. Once the roots are sealed, the tooth will function normally. Leaving the infection may cause it to spread and could lead to tooth loss.

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